Friday, January 21, 2011

Valentine oh Valentine

     Yes! I finally finished up my really cute V-day cards. It helps when you can find really cute paper too! I simply made small cards and "spruced," them a bit. Some cards have stickles others have flocking. I then used basic clothes pins, made a hole in the top using my amazing Crop a dile, and ran a ribbon threw the top. It does not matter what you really do, you cannot make these look bad. I even had thought about painting the clothes pins pink or red or you could even paint them white. I do like the light wood color too. It is up to you. 
     Now that I am done I think of other ways you can make the pins look more decorated; maybe add some buttons or or glitter to the  pins. The possibilities are endless and at your discretion! Make it your own, and have fun.

     I used small bags and placed cute conversation Sweet-Tarts and Cherry flavored Hearts in them. I then used the clothes pins as clips to hold my card and candy together. I like how they came out. Any one else have a cute idea for Valentines Day? You should post it or show me your link!
Oh, and do not forget a cute saying for them on the inside or a cute stamped picture!


Robin Walters said...

Oh Wow! You did a wonderfull job!

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