Sunday, January 2, 2011

It's Over

The holidays are now all over! The decorations are all still up and the everything is still everywhere! When going to the store all the valentine and easter even decorations are eminent. I barely see Christmas or even New Years, left on clearance. The depression of all the stuff you could have done or should have done in the year are being clammed up with all the resolutions we have placed in line. The calendars are being filled out, and the goals are being put in place. What goals we want to make, break through and even let breeze by. This year is new! Time to reuse, recycle and reinvent yourself. Make sure you are in the right place with God, your family, your life. The changes we decide today will effect the changes we have in the future. Be ready for today is the first actual day of the year; yesterday was just a celebration.


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