Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Egg Cups

     I have always enjoyed egg cups. I have quite a few different ones ranging from cows to bright colors, even a vintage polish one from my husband's great grandma. My great grandma also had special wooden egg cups she would use. I have grown up with them, but generally  you never do see these on a menu with the eggs? Many people have no idea what an egg cup is. Well for those who do not know, an egg cup; it is a small cup that can hold an "egg,". Normally it holds a soft boiled egg or for certain decorations it can also be used for hard boiled eggs!  I just found this cool  tool that helps me out when making soft boiled eggs. It cuts the tops off your eggs. I seem to hit and miss when it comes to taking the top off my eggs, because I do not know how far I will actually hit the small egg on the side. I end up cracking the egg down the side.
     Growing up this was something that my mom and grandma made for my brother and I. It is definitely a memory maker! I have cherished this special memory and pass it down to who ever wants it. If you want to try something different for your kids or your family,or even for yourself, The recipe for an egg-cellant breakfast is below. I find it can be a healthier alternative then fried eggs in a pan.

Soft Boiled Egg and Toast... aka Dippy Eggs.

2-3 uncooked eggs in their shells from local grocery or backyard chickens.
small sauce pan
white,wheat or rye bread, for toast

   Take a small saucepan and place two or three eggs in bottom. Add water to cover eggs. Turn on high and bring to a boil. Once boiling begins, time for one minute. Turn pan off. Get egg cups ready and carefully take hot eggs out of pan and place in egg cups. This is where the cool egg topper would come in handy. Slice off top of egg. You should have a nicely soft boiled egg. While you eggs where getting ready to boil you should make your toast and when fully cooked to your specifications slice into thin pieces 1/2 long. This will help with getting into the egg. For my niece I tend to run a small spoon around the edges first so the egg is not connected to the shell. This will help as she tries to get the egg out of the shell when the (dippy) yolk is gone. to make a sweeter egg dip add a drop of syrup to the egg when the top is cut off. Enjoy!


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