Sunday, January 30, 2011

Baby Showers

     I love making diaper cakes for baby showers! They are useful and fun, and always beautiful at a party! This is the first boy diaper cake I have made and it came out awesome. The concept is simple you are giving diapers to the mother-to-be, but I also attach items for her and the baby on the way. Items you can are attach are really endless. Some of the things I put on the cake are as followed: baby wash, lotion, bib, powder, Vicks, hairbrush, comb, bulb syringe, socks for baby and mama, some special lotion for mom, and the list goes on. Make sure to Pick out things that will be useful and also helpful for both mom and baby. You can even make this  as a welcome home gift too! 

     An important thing for me is picking out the colorful ribbons. This the fun part and I don't ever use all the ribbon so I can use them for other projects! If you want to know how to make one of these awesome cakes, email mail me and I will send you some quick and easy directions.

With some extra ribbons, I made little buttons for The Mom,Grandma, Nana, and Big Sister-to-be...

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

French Toast
      French Toast is one of my husbands favorite breakfast foods. I think it is because it resemble cake so much!( he loves all cake) I find this to be an easy breakfast food because you only need a couple eggs,some milk and with some spices, Viola, French toast!. I think that having  homemade bread can make a nice treat with this classic because you can have a thicker cut and more of a denseness. My husband is our bread maker, even though I try really hard my bread is more the consistency of a cornbread. (which I can make very well) I use a actual bread-maker and still it is not as great as David's! So David makes bread occasionally. This past weekend happened to be one of those times. God, seriously picked the perfect complimentary person to myself and that is so wonderful The recipe is below for the French Toast, not the bread.... 

Recipe for French Toast
    Well the bread was made the night before but it was great in the morning to use. I cut into 1" inch thick slices and set aside.
I then make the French Toast mixture 
This consists of two eggs, a little milk, some nutmeg,cinnamon, and a dash of vanilla. 
  1. I beat until all mixed together. place the mixture in a shallow bowl. 
  2. I turn on my skillet and turn on medium heat until nice and hot.
  3. I then dip my first few pieces of bread that was set aside in the bowl. I like to let them set in the bowl for a minute so it soaks in a lot of the mixure. It makes them really tasty after cooked. 
  4. I place the pieces in the skillet and let brown on one side until golden, then flip. 
  5. When both sides are done plate and enjoy!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Greeting Cards.

These are Christmas Cards we made at our party in 2010
     I love cards! I love receiving them and sending them. I love the feeling of going to mail box and getting an unexpected card. I also love that people take the time to make cards. One thing that I enjoy doing is getting together and having card parties.

The idea is pretty simple.

I loved this stamp!
  1. Everyone in your group can pick a season, theme or holiday, as long as everyone has a different one. -- -Depending on the specifics you can make as many as your group decides. (so the example we will use is twelve) 
  2. My example is sympathy cards. I will make 12 sympathy cards they can be different but all sympathy. 
  3. Say there are three people in your group including yourself, someone would get 4 sympathy cards. You would also get 4 of your sympathy cards. You will get 12 cards total in return. 
  4. So leaving you would have 4 sympathy,4 birthday(example) and 4 valentines(example). The more people the more themes/holidays.

This card can be changed with
 different paper and
made for  birthdays,weddings and
even christmas!

Speaking of receiving cards in the mail. I received my first ever Artist Trading Cards in the mail today, Thank you dmnh, from AFA.

I just love getting mail!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Bottle Time for Vinegar

Apple Mango Passion Fruit Vinegar
Makes an amazing vinaigrette for salad
     Well, I bottled my vinegar, that I made.Can I just say I love making my vinegar so much that I do not think I will ever buy vinegar again. I really don't ever have too because it literally makes it self! My vinegar is lite and tasty. I made sure to use some cute bottles from the local Hobby Lobby. I also used some adorable owl ribbon at the neck of the bottle and  "done". I can now start another batch using the same mother and keep going! It is so simple! I really love how easy it is! Anyone want to some amazing vinegar? These are great presents and gifts for friends. People will not believe that you actually made your own vinegar!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Valentine oh Valentine

     Yes! I finally finished up my really cute V-day cards. It helps when you can find really cute paper too! I simply made small cards and "spruced," them a bit. Some cards have stickles others have flocking. I then used basic clothes pins, made a hole in the top using my amazing Crop a dile, and ran a ribbon threw the top. It does not matter what you really do, you cannot make these look bad. I even had thought about painting the clothes pins pink or red or you could even paint them white. I do like the light wood color too. It is up to you. 
     Now that I am done I think of other ways you can make the pins look more decorated; maybe add some buttons or or glitter to the  pins. The possibilities are endless and at your discretion! Make it your own, and have fun.

     I used small bags and placed cute conversation Sweet-Tarts and Cherry flavored Hearts in them. I then used the clothes pins as clips to hold my card and candy together. I like how they came out. Any one else have a cute idea for Valentines Day? You should post it or show me your link!
Oh, and do not forget a cute saying for them on the inside or a cute stamped picture!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Scrapbook Treasure Hunt

      I am counting down the days until Tampa Bays Scrapbook Treasure Hunt. The hunt has been finally scheduled for March 11th - 20th of 2011. This is the my third year participating, and I enjoy every part of this truly awesome scrapbook event. So do you want to know what it is, and how it works? Here are the logistics:

Treasure Hunt is a 10 day event that 9 area stores are involved in. You pay 10 dollars for your passport and a bag full of scrapbooking loot. Then during the week of the Hunt you have to visit all 9 stores and spend $5 at each store to get your passport stamped. You get 10% off at all stores during the scheduled dates.
Each store has a custom tag that goes on your pirate beads that you will receive in your loot bag. Also you get a free 6x6 Make-N-Take for your provided album that you get in your loot bag. Each store decorates in a Pirate theme and dresses up. They also rent a Bus if you want to hit all the stores in one weekend. (At an extra cost)
Once your passport has all 9 stamps, you turn it in to your home store and you are eligible to win the following: 1st place - $900 in Gift Certificates, 2nd place - $450 in Gift Certificates, 3rd Place - $225 in Gift Certificates. Also there is usually a Cricut, Sizzix, or some other machine you can win. And then there is a Cover Contest for the best cover made of the album that you receive. You have 1 week after the Hunt is over to turn in your picture of your album cover.The site has not been confirmed yet!

     So the I listed the stores and links so you can find that perfect home store if you have not found one and then find yourself a buddy, and start scrapping! One main rule that is not above is "One passport per person,"  it makes it fair for everyone, but I can personally shop for anyone who is not able to participate. If you are looking for certain items and or just want to have a blind box of goodies from 9 different stores in Florida; we can work that out. I heard about this type of shopping experience and thought I would put that out there for those who cannot join the adventure but want too! Just email me and we can work all the details out.

Here are the stores and information below:

Stamp & Scrap A Latte
80 Commercial Way, Spring Hill, FL 34606

Stamping Studio 
10544 Spring Hill Drive, Spring Hill, FL 34608-5046(352)688-3656 
Creative Hands3477 Deltona Boulevard, Spring Hill, FL 34606(352)683-5097

Violette's Art Stamps 
4604 Cleveland Heights Boulevard, Lakeland, FL 33813-2110(863)644-0801 

Scraporium Inc 
16518 North Florida Avenue, Lutz, FL 33549-8135(813)269-7946

Whim-So-Doodle Inc 
237 2nd Avenue South, St. Petersburg, FL 33701(727)827-4911

Posh Scraps 
3454 Tampa Road, Palm Harbor, FL 34684-3530(727)784-2928

K2 Scrapbook Studio 
4281 Clark Rd,Sarasota, FL 34233 
(941) 926-1744
Scraps of Art8990 Seminole Blvd,Seminole,FL 33772(727) 393-1690

Get Ready for this pirate passion we call Scrappin!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Artist Trading Cards

     I have opened my eyes to this really big world that is really quite big. Artist trading cards, also known as ATC. I just started these, and found out how truly amazing they are. The basic concept is that you can join local or online groups, that you swap cards with. The cards are 2.50 x 3.50 in size, the size of a playing card. The style you choose is endless, and the themes are from every spectrum. I am so excited I joined a few groups over the past week. The best group that I have found that seems to be the most active is .
     The people are friendly and helpful. There groups that is also very helpful in yahoo too. I just am so excited to see how this works out. I joined two swaps. One was a torn paper them, way cool. I also joined a swap about birds, which I love. 

     I am learning more and more with each card I make. 
The only confusing part is what you write on the back of your cards. Depending on if all cards are the same or digital art or if its a series or edition. Something I will get the hang of at a later date. I was so inspired about the birds I may three series of birds. these are my example to all who want to see what the heck I am talking about!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bee Check

Look at all the honey in this frame. The bees are hard at work.

David and the Bees at C. Acres.
    This is the first real time my husband has had a chance to check on the bees. the weather was cold and this helped with keeping the honey bees calm. I was excited to see the progress, as was David. My husband has been taking up this hobby with my grandfather, who has been raising bees since he was little kid. I think bees are fascinating, the way that they make honey is really marvelous and that you can do so much from one creatures creation. From the honey to the pollen to even the wax. The bee is actually becoming an extinct animal in certain parts. This is one of those things that amazes the depth of creativity God had,  in creating us and the world we live in. I love it!
     Our bees are doing well, and in the spring put their honey house on top. It basically is another unit that goes on top and the queen bee will stay in the bottom. The hive will store their honey in the top, keeping it safe.I cannot wait to taste the honey and maybe use some of the wax for some candles and soap.

These bees are capping off the honey at the top and building more honey at the bottom.

Egg Cups

     I have always enjoyed egg cups. I have quite a few different ones ranging from cows to bright colors, even a vintage polish one from my husband's great grandma. My great grandma also had special wooden egg cups she would use. I have grown up with them, but generally  you never do see these on a menu with the eggs? Many people have no idea what an egg cup is. Well for those who do not know, an egg cup; it is a small cup that can hold an "egg,". Normally it holds a soft boiled egg or for certain decorations it can also be used for hard boiled eggs!  I just found this cool  tool that helps me out when making soft boiled eggs. It cuts the tops off your eggs. I seem to hit and miss when it comes to taking the top off my eggs, because I do not know how far I will actually hit the small egg on the side. I end up cracking the egg down the side.
     Growing up this was something that my mom and grandma made for my brother and I. It is definitely a memory maker! I have cherished this special memory and pass it down to who ever wants it. If you want to try something different for your kids or your family,or even for yourself, The recipe for an egg-cellant breakfast is below. I find it can be a healthier alternative then fried eggs in a pan.

Soft Boiled Egg and Toast... aka Dippy Eggs.

2-3 uncooked eggs in their shells from local grocery or backyard chickens.
small sauce pan
white,wheat or rye bread, for toast

   Take a small saucepan and place two or three eggs in bottom. Add water to cover eggs. Turn on high and bring to a boil. Once boiling begins, time for one minute. Turn pan off. Get egg cups ready and carefully take hot eggs out of pan and place in egg cups. This is where the cool egg topper would come in handy. Slice off top of egg. You should have a nicely soft boiled egg. While you eggs where getting ready to boil you should make your toast and when fully cooked to your specifications slice into thin pieces 1/2 long. This will help with getting into the egg. For my niece I tend to run a small spoon around the edges first so the egg is not connected to the shell. This will help as she tries to get the egg out of the shell when the (dippy) yolk is gone. to make a sweeter egg dip add a drop of syrup to the egg when the top is cut off. Enjoy!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Farm Fresh Eggs

     The amazing part of living with farm animals is the ability to really use what you have. Chickens are great creatures. The eggs they make are used in so many foods and to just be able to go outside and bring in fresh warm eggs,then crack into a hot skillet and enjoy is wonderful.

    The best way to make sure that your chickens will keep laying, is to keep their home warm. The more comfortable they are the better they will be at producing.
My ladies had a few troubles, and the weather changed in mid-laying of  their starting process, but I think they are getting back into it.

     Speaking of chickens, and farming a great book that my Sister and Brother in law gave to us when we moved to our little piece of property. Living the Country Lifestyle for Dummies. I love this book! This book is not just about animals but about everything from canning, to bee keeping, to laundry. I think if you are looking for a book that will encompass more than one country style hobby, this is the book for you, or a friend.