Monday, January 24, 2011

Greeting Cards.

These are Christmas Cards we made at our party in 2010
     I love cards! I love receiving them and sending them. I love the feeling of going to mail box and getting an unexpected card. I also love that people take the time to make cards. One thing that I enjoy doing is getting together and having card parties.

The idea is pretty simple.

I loved this stamp!
  1. Everyone in your group can pick a season, theme or holiday, as long as everyone has a different one. -- -Depending on the specifics you can make as many as your group decides. (so the example we will use is twelve) 
  2. My example is sympathy cards. I will make 12 sympathy cards they can be different but all sympathy. 
  3. Say there are three people in your group including yourself, someone would get 4 sympathy cards. You would also get 4 of your sympathy cards. You will get 12 cards total in return. 
  4. So leaving you would have 4 sympathy,4 birthday(example) and 4 valentines(example). The more people the more themes/holidays.

This card can be changed with
 different paper and
made for  birthdays,weddings and
even christmas!

Speaking of receiving cards in the mail. I received my first ever Artist Trading Cards in the mail today, Thank you dmnh, from AFA.

I just love getting mail!


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