Tuesday, July 9, 2013

So... Finally a SLOW down in 2013

My last little post was in January and finally I feel like I can breath. The beginning of the year seems so jumbled. Birthdays,of course bills are normal, spring projects and parties. I finally just finished my last big party with the Fourth of July. I have a little time before the fall heads in. I am breathing and healthy. Thank you Lord for protecting me and my family. The ups and downs have been minor and just am so grateful for everyone in my life. Including all those who read this tiny little blog in the electronic world. I am just in a great place right now. Also I'm now another year older. I know we all age, but next year I am actually looking forward the new decade.
 I will update my craft room changes, there have been many. I am hoping to add a few new projects that are in the works, maybe some early christmas card ideas real soon.
Pinterest anyone? I find so many creative ideas to play around with and make some my own!!! Thank you technology for allowing me an even more creative side to emerge.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

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