Tuesday, May 29, 2012


So the big 6 year anniversary is rolling around in a few days. I say big because I feel in our society every year is big! I can only imagine how 25 year anniversary and 50 year anniversary's feel. I also know that without our Godly foundation it would not be possible or as easy. I am blessed to have a hubby who is not scared away by my, porcupine-eness. That is his term for me; of course it is in love! I love that we can be open and honest and understand each other. I also decided to post what I made him this year. Yes made him! (I am a pinterest addict) We are pretty simple, we enjoy just being together and living life. This was so much fun to make and came out better than I expected! My husband is a Scrabble lover. I am not in love with the game, and rarely ever win against him. I say once but I may have cheated to win. yes, I do not like losing so many times in row. When it comes to card games, I rock! David knows, but word games I just do not care for. Anyway, I saw a scrabble board that was magnetic on pinterest and thought that would be cool to make. Not as simple as it looked and I gave my board a more artsy feel. Enjoy!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Summer Squash

Summer squash Local farm verses store bought
So the summer is quickly approaching and the vegetable gardens are springing up the action. I recently bought some amazing squash from Mr. Produce man  on the corner; by the way he is awesome! I love pulling out some cash for the guy and talking to him about the weather,crops, value of the dollar and the amazing produce he always has in his truck. (the produce truck) Well I have previously posted this picture in a coupon club about what the difference in cost and size are from local produce verses the cost in store; I really want to show off this amazing squash again.
 Any way the other reason is to share a quick and easy recipe for all who love a good vegetable side. I never really enjoyed squash unless really cooked, but now I can eat it like a cucumber. The taste is a little lighter and the color get me every time. The bright and cheeriness from across the aisle at the supermarket or even the shine as I pass Mr. Produce man. SUMMER SQUASH its what's for dinner.

Vegetable Pie = vegetables baked and served in a pie plate
You need :
3 or 4 summer squash sliced 
enough to fill a regular pie plate
1 large tomato
Veggies Mound
1 cup of fresh spinach
1/2 cup of snow peas
salt and pepper
a little olive oil or butter

Now once you have all your veggies ready this is very simple. Place squash in pie plate, then tomato slices. Mound your spinach on top followed by your snow peas. Now salt and pepper the top of your pie adding a little olive oil. You can also cut tablespoons of butter and place on the sides of your pie dish. Cover with aluminum foil and push down on the top of your pie so it become flattened. Your veggies are getting ready to bake. Place in oven and bake on 350 for 30 minutes. Ready when they are tender and bubbly.

Options are all up to you. I love to make this all the time but I switch veggies around too.
(use zucchini add onions or mushrooms) I also make a aluminum foil bag in place of the pie plate when cooking on the grill. No hot kitchen in the summer! As long as you make sure your veggies are fresh and your seasonings simple, this is also a gluten friendly dish. You would be surprised how some veggies in your supermarket have been given food starch to keep fresh or even fresh frozen veggies can also have gluten in them.