Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Mothers and Vinegar

I finally took my mother out from the closet and fed her, and gave her a makeover! I am talking about my vinegar mother. I have been wanting to experiment with the vinegar since my Mother in law gave me one of her mothers. Its a fairly easy process. I now am currently making a Apple Mango Vinegar. I cannot wait to see how it comes out. I also finally tasted my Cranberry Vinegar, Amazing! Once I find a blend that I really like I may pickle some things, we will see. I think what started the excitement was finding a perfect jar to make my vinegar in. I found this cool blue glass pitcher, at a local thrift shop for just a dollar! I saw it and knew exactly why I needed it. I love it and makes the vinegar even easier to do.I will not actually have to mess or really see the fungus, that is the mother, inside. Do not be alarmed this is the way that vinegar is made, and it is strained and pasteurized when you get in a store unless otherwise noted or bought at the health food store.
Thank you Susan for turning me on, to making my own Vinegar.


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