Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bee Check

Look at all the honey in this frame. The bees are hard at work.

David and the Bees at C. Acres.
    This is the first real time my husband has had a chance to check on the bees. the weather was cold and this helped with keeping the honey bees calm. I was excited to see the progress, as was David. My husband has been taking up this hobby with my grandfather, who has been raising bees since he was little kid. I think bees are fascinating, the way that they make honey is really marvelous and that you can do so much from one creatures creation. From the honey to the pollen to even the wax. The bee is actually becoming an extinct animal in certain parts. This is one of those things that amazes the depth of creativity God had,  in creating us and the world we live in. I love it!
     Our bees are doing well, and in the spring put their honey house on top. It basically is another unit that goes on top and the queen bee will stay in the bottom. The hive will store their honey in the top, keeping it safe.I cannot wait to taste the honey and maybe use some of the wax for some candles and soap.

These bees are capping off the honey at the top and building more honey at the bottom.


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