Monday, January 3, 2011

Chicken Show

I had my friend Robyn over and we were discussing chickens. My husband and I have about twenty-five chickens and a few roosters. I love that people enjoy these lovely but very messy creatures. We are starting to get back the egg supply that dropped with the change in whether. I really love to go out in the afternoon and see if we have eggs and I think that my ladies(hens) do too! Chickens, if you have the ability to have them, are really entertaining. Our farm is slowly growing, my husband hopes to have some rabbits and goats. I think that I am warming up to the idea of goats purely because I want to make soap; goats milk is supposed to be great for your skin! I am taking our farm one day at a time, just as I am with blogging. God has truly blessed our family, and he is amazing!
Speaking of chickens my niece Justice is the chicken whisperer. I enjoy watching her catch them and check for eggs. My next mission is to get my egg cartons ready for when the chickens all fully start to lay. Cartons will be posted shortly.


wildhollystudio said...

I love your blog and think it's great you share your recipes, art and the chickens too. Fresh eggs are the best.

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