Saturday, January 1, 2011

A look at 2010

I know that I did not keep up with my blog like I had anticipated but I did do many things that should have made it to this. Here are a few pictures to go with the ideas. I begin with year with baby stuff. I got on a kick of crocheting and sewing and since I have two beautiful nieces, it was easy to have reason to make things. I had fun making little toys. This one is a fleece material Tagged blanket of ribbon. I attached little plastic rings so you can attach keys or small toys to the blanket. After the first few I incorporated a sheet of noise! So it crinkles and makes the toy more entertaining. I also made little crawlers, as I call them. They are footloose socks that cover a little ones knees and full legs. My niece Kathleena used them, all the time as she loved to crawl, while my niece Justice wore them just out of pure fashion and cuteness! Of course you can see both the crawlers and toy; in action on Leena, to the left. Not to mention the most amazing photographer ever would be my sister in law Brandy. Brandy is a stay at home mom and local photographer. I love how she captures the pure monumental moments in pictures! Brand's link can be found below.


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