Friday, January 7, 2011

Farm Fresh Eggs

     The amazing part of living with farm animals is the ability to really use what you have. Chickens are great creatures. The eggs they make are used in so many foods and to just be able to go outside and bring in fresh warm eggs,then crack into a hot skillet and enjoy is wonderful.

    The best way to make sure that your chickens will keep laying, is to keep their home warm. The more comfortable they are the better they will be at producing.
My ladies had a few troubles, and the weather changed in mid-laying of  their starting process, but I think they are getting back into it.

     Speaking of chickens, and farming a great book that my Sister and Brother in law gave to us when we moved to our little piece of property. Living the Country Lifestyle for Dummies. I love this book! This book is not just about animals but about everything from canning, to bee keeping, to laundry. I think if you are looking for a book that will encompass more than one country style hobby, this is the book for you, or a friend. 


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