Wednesday, January 26, 2011

French Toast
      French Toast is one of my husbands favorite breakfast foods. I think it is because it resemble cake so much!( he loves all cake) I find this to be an easy breakfast food because you only need a couple eggs,some milk and with some spices, Viola, French toast!. I think that having  homemade bread can make a nice treat with this classic because you can have a thicker cut and more of a denseness. My husband is our bread maker, even though I try really hard my bread is more the consistency of a cornbread. (which I can make very well) I use a actual bread-maker and still it is not as great as David's! So David makes bread occasionally. This past weekend happened to be one of those times. God, seriously picked the perfect complimentary person to myself and that is so wonderful The recipe is below for the French Toast, not the bread.... 

Recipe for French Toast
    Well the bread was made the night before but it was great in the morning to use. I cut into 1" inch thick slices and set aside.
I then make the French Toast mixture 
This consists of two eggs, a little milk, some nutmeg,cinnamon, and a dash of vanilla. 
  1. I beat until all mixed together. place the mixture in a shallow bowl. 
  2. I turn on my skillet and turn on medium heat until nice and hot.
  3. I then dip my first few pieces of bread that was set aside in the bowl. I like to let them set in the bowl for a minute so it soaks in a lot of the mixure. It makes them really tasty after cooked. 
  4. I place the pieces in the skillet and let brown on one side until golden, then flip. 
  5. When both sides are done plate and enjoy!


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