Saturday, March 26, 2011


So everyone has those food scraps when cooking, I know I do, and if you set up a good system it can save you money and have a lasting effect in your garden.When I say scraps I mean like egg shells,onion peels,potato eyes,banana peels basically any extras.(no meat or bones) Everyone who has bought strawberries or grapes from the grocery knows that those few grapes or blueberries that are not edible.
Here is the plan:
1. Set up a small garbage can-small or big depending on what you feel your trash output would be.
I use a small closed top lid and reuse the plastic bags that I occasionally get form the grocery store when I forget my reusable's. then that is it.
2. Fill -when full take outside sprinkle under plants or in a com-poster you may have outside. The garden will thank you and you will get a better harvest for giving your plants those extra scraps.


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