Monday, March 14, 2011

Project Scraps

On the topic of scraps, I also make  a mean scrap soup. I love to make soup when cleaning out the fridge and pantry its easy and always an adventure. Normally I always start with a few basics. Some meat, I generally will use a ground turkey, beef or sliced sausage. something I have left over in my freezer even a turkey carcus or chicken. I try to find that last onion and pepper in the fridge. I cook up the meat, onion pepper and add whatever spices. I brown til nice and golden. I then add my chicken or beef stock that will be my base for the soup. Here comes my favorite part. I always have somewhere a leftover extra veggie in the fridge, green beans, carrots or some leftover spinach. Into the pot it goes. I add potatoes last bits of frozen veggie bags from freezer into the soup. I like to use up the last bits before opening the new bags that are in the freezer. I tend to add crushed pepper flakes, garlic and white pepper to my soup. I like a nice zip to my soup. I then let it cook down a bit and add some homemade noodles or some small pasta either stars or orazo. It will make the soup more of a stew by soaking up flavor and helps thicken the soup. Once I feel its done I try to ladle my soup into my soup mugs and place in the oven. Depending on what I have, I will  either add a slice of cheese to the top or a piece of bread that has been buttered and seasoned. I let it brown  or melt and serve. its rustic and comforting. Scrap Soup, make it while cleaning too! :)


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