Monday, March 7, 2011

The Technique of Serendipity Squares (Scrap Squares)

I have been trying to understand this techniques and deciding what is actually the correct way of making serendipity squares. I have come up with this... The correct way is your way! I like to try and find papers and scraps that kind of tie into each other but really they do not have too. You can use these papers as backgrounds and fronts of cards an embellishment or even as covers for books.  The basic process below.

First step is to grab you nicely organized box of scraps and a glue of your choice. I prefer a thick glue stick that will glue anything to paper. It needs to stick all kinds of paper to one sheet.  Cut your pieces of scraps if you need too but the first round is basically rounding up your inner kinder-gardener and just glue to page.
 I like to glue those unwanted little strips and little piece and glue to a coordinating background or any background.

After I decide what color embossing powder will go well with  the paper. I choose a clear embossing powder so you can see the color below and I can then inck around it.

I then added some glimmer mist...

I then cut my work of art into inch squares.

I then attach to a plain piece of cardstock.

I redo this process as little as once to how ever  many levels you ant on a piece of paper.

I love this new found scrapping transition.


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