Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sewing Scraps

     The idea of throwing things away that cost so much  is  just sickening sometimes. I have found a great way to use those little piece you cut off around a square or while cut out projects into something you can use around your other crafting projects. I find that I always have to cut a  little piece around my squares once sown. I also find that I just normally throw away, but sometimes I am in love with fabric, so I want to use for other things. I decided to start saving them and then needed to purge my art room. I took all my little scraps and found coordinating pieces and started using for tag holders to gifts. You can use them together and form a braid with three pieces and use as an embellishment on cards I also can use them to tie important letters or little projects in tightly bundled packages and set aside. You can use these scraps to close the top of a present or around a vase. Have fun with it.Use your scraps to the fullest and feel better about that special fabric purchase.


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