Tuesday, March 1, 2011


This month is scrap month, The majority of posts will be on all kinds of scraps.I love using a multitude of papers for many projects, at first I would throw away my scraps taht were small and would not be very useful I then found you can do so much with your scraps of paper. I am learning though if I saved every scrap, I would be in so much "scrap," I would not be able to move. I have worked out a pretty good system for me but others may have choose a system that works better style for their needs. As long as you contain the chaos of your scrap paper you will be doing very good. Here are some ways to do this.
Have a container that you are comfortable with in size and start placing scraps that will fit the container and that will not be so overfilled you can can move them. You may need a couple scrap containers and you can organize scraps by size and or color or projects.

A stack for serendipity projects, or for strictly cards making, maybe a manila envelope of scrap papers a good for beeswax art. The possibilities are endless. I try to keep my scrap together, but if you find you just have too much and do not want to just through it away, Join art supply swaps. I love them. I can give away scraps that I just have too much of or have no interest in anymore and pass them to someone who may find a great idea with them, in return you could trade for something you need or have wanted to try.
 Another great way to spread around old scraps that you do not want or need, if you have a scrapping group just make nice grouping of your scraps maybe by colors and or designs wrap it with an old ribbon or some twine, viola a scrappers dream. I enjoy scrapbooking and IO also know if you do not leave room to expand your scraps you can get stuck, so purge, rejuvenate and have fun with it.


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