Friday, April 15, 2011


     So I hit this bug and its called Coupons! I had this misconception that you spend more using coupons then if you don't, because when I would cut out coupons and use them I bought things I would not normally buy because I had a coupon. "WRONG." My friends have been talking about the new show Extreme Couponing, and I glanced over an episode that this woman dresses up to make herself feel confident and then bought 82 bottle of mustard, which they do not even use. ???(WHAT) I could not understand the why or how this worked. 
   Now I am not a genius with math and it still had me boggled, how does this make sense and why. So I started calculating in my own process. If an item costs 75 cents and I have a coupon for 50 cents off, that makes it still a quarter you pay for each item, but if I had another coupon for the same item that said 2 for a dollar. This means the items are both free. Now if you happen to live in a state that double or even triple the worth of a coupon, those items and coupons would actually make you a credit of 1-2 dollars after the cost of the mustard!!! Leaving you to keep shopping and not spending money. OK now I get this crazy idea and now I am thinking more about the savings I could make in my own life with out be a crazy nut job like some of the people on that EXTREME show. 
   Since the show, I have had an eye out for coupon shoppers and realized many do use coupons, I was out late one night picking up a few things for my husband, for a business trip, and watched a woman go through the line about seven times. Each order was meticulous and each order was coupon-ed out. The total for 7 transaction were less then 7 bucks and her cart had tons of stuff in it, plus she received a coupon on the back of every receipt she was given. This woman had me in awe because right there showed dedication and I now want to be able to save my family money on buying things that we use not buy an excessiveness amount that we do not need! As this woman in front of me check out, I thought she made a plan and stuck to it nothing in her cart seemed weird or abnormal. Band aids, Splenda, toilet paper, flour, among other things. I did not even know that Walgreen's sold really food items, and then the sale price plus manufacture coupons it was amazing!

All in all, I will be couponing and you will see more on this soon!


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