Monday, September 3, 2012

September Crafting

So I really have not blogged since after the Fourth of July and yet I am keeping busy with the craftiness. Some birthdays and some Etsy orders keep me busy too. Well if any of you know about Tim Holtz; you may follow his blog or know of his awesome tag challenge if you will. I challenge myself anyway. He changed from doing the 12 days of Christmas to doing one tag month.So you don't have to do all Christmas related tags. Even though it would still be a cool idea to do both but that is sooo many tags! I have been watching and saying "oh wow'" I have to try that out. Well This month I saw it, AND was like totally in need to do this. It was so easy and only one ban-aid through out the process, believe me this is normal for me. Here is a link to his blog and please use his step by step instructions.I try to incorporate some of the items he uses but then spin it to be more my style. Hence the reason my tag looks crazy bright! The instructional pictures are awesome.  September Tim Holtz Tag

You can make this alone or or if you lucky like me you can craft with a buddy! I now feel like this technique will help me in so many steam-punk style cards and ATCs(Artist Trading Cards). I am so excited to have another crafty way to make something. BEWARE... Do not try smoothing out the edge of aluminium tape that you just cut with scissors, using your fingers!  Have a blast. Oh and you may a see a few posts about pumpkin related items soon; you know because its that season. Tootles!


Christy - said...

I love how you added red to the faux metal background. Great job!

Teka Marie Chaya said...

I had so much fun with this tag!

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