Friday, September 14, 2012

Reusable and Recycle Friendly

I am hoping most of you know what pinterest is? If not you will be amazed. The way I see it is it is a large free virtual magazine. You can search for things, browse, post, and follow your friends or those who you are inspired by. This site truly opens the doors into the craft world, many blogs and the peoples voice. Pinterest can help you find ideas, inspire you , cause depression I have heard this from friends, or pass your day way (just keep pinning,pinning and pinning). I have made so many more things just because of pinterest. I like to try new things; from recipes and craft projects, to making crafty presents and party ideas. 
This is the reason I am blogging about a reusing and recycle project  . I found this online and then had to find the correct site to get the details to actually make it. I call the milk carton tote, but you can call it what ever you want. The basic idea had me, and so I waited for the perfect jug of milk to be gone. It was so easy and free except the cost of milk which we buy anyway and even the Velcro closures but I had some already.  My only problem was that as soon as I wanted to use that milk jug, no one wanted to drink milk that week so it took longer than I had hoped. 

As you can see from the photos a few cuts and some Velcro you have a d.i.y. sandwich tote, or snack case. Amazing, it wipes clean and you can wash in the top rack of dishwasher with out the heat on just because it can warp. But again, I am happy with it. Yes it will not hold soup but that is what mason jars are for.  I think if these would get lost in a school lunchroom its not that big of a deal the no sew Velcro dots come in packs of 24 for $3.00 dollars about the cost of some of the two piece Tupperware sets.
Cute and affordable. 
Reduce Reuse and Recycle 


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I'm on Pinterest too and I love it!

You might enjoy a blog called Pinstrosity. They test out pins. I bet they'd love to read this post. Their website is

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