Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Political Statement for 2012

My goodness! There is a reason that when you vote it is done in a booth and you do not have to disclose your reason or who you voted for. Voting is part of being American and making your voice (vote) heard. Do I think it is a important? Yes, I do. I also think jury duty is equally important, if your are given the task or opportunity. Boom! So make your vote count and vote for who you want as long as you go out and do it. I must say that every year around this time; I think of teachers like Mrs. Bavetta and Ms. Holli West. These teachers provided me the knowledge and understanding that we have these rights, and we need to use them. We cannot complain or change something, if we do not go out and vote. That is the end of my political soap box. GO VOTE. Hope your having a great day. 


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