Saturday, April 28, 2012

Fly By

February... March... April..... Well I have completely neglected my poor blog.
So I will list the things I remember doing the last three months and hopefully I will feel better with not blogging. Lets see...
Went to Texas
Learned how to make hard candy
Watched the Super Bowl
Perfected cheesecake
Found that I have a fear of being in underwater tunnels
Moved my craft room
I love having out of town guests over
Made taffy
Learned how to play a few new card games
Scrap-booking for three days in a row can make you a little batty( but so fun)
Have a new plan in life
Scrapbook Treasure Hunt
Painting with a twist
Made the best pulled Pork ever and perfected my bread recipe
Finally found a church to call home
Helped make two birthday cakes
Birthday Palooza for Hubby
Lots of birthdays
Baby shower helping
Getting ideas for future parties
Uh Pinterest...
I do feel a little better, BECAUSE I know I missed so many other things. Looking to the future, woot.

Well July is right around the corner and so I got a little Patriotic on here. I am getting things ready for the Fourth of July BBQ and have lots to do. I have been sewing so much lately odd, but its all good. Here I will leave you with a wonderful recipe so easy and never thought it would be so easy
(maybe will make for the 4th of July)

Simple Pulled Pork 

I buy the small pork roast like 4-8 pounds with a bone.
a little water
Serendipity Seasoning (comparable to a all meat tenderizing season)

Place the roast in a roasting pan on top of the rack that is in the bottom. Add just enough water to cover the bottom pan not touching the meat! sprinkle seasoning on the meat. Cover with aluminum foil. Bake at 300 to 325 degrees depending on how long you will be home. I let it cook all day  for about seven hours. About 30 minutes before eating. I pull bone out and break meat up with a set of forks, it just falls apart. I also remove the rack and place meat int he bottom of the pan with all the juice.( if you want to add BBQ sauce this is the time) It does not need to be drenched. I find letting the guest put it on the BBQ sauce themselves or just putting the sauce on the table works out better. Place the meat in the oven for about fifteen minutes and ready to serve.
I love this easy recipe and is great with steamed tomatoes and green peppers. A great side is fresh green beans or a salad.  


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