Sunday, January 29, 2012

I love to send snail mail. I also love receiving mail too. How our society has changed since I was little. I remember my first subscriptions of Highlights and Guidepost for Kids. I loved receiving letters from  family and My Great Grandma Ball  never missed a celebratory event.
( I definitely wish I had that ability to always remember).
Anyway back to my love for snail mail. Banks and Businesses mostly now only use instant gratification payments and statements. The same with sending cards and holiday greetings. even down to printing your own postage. Don't get me wrong, most of  my own billing is done through the interactive web.I also have printed my own postage. I just think we as a people, do not slow down enough to rejoice in the little pieces of what will be ancient history. From real mail  to magazines, now even with a real book; these soon will become obsolete. I think it is great to grow learn and be part of the electronic change; but lets not forget our snail mail and classics that are bound. This goes for the Post Office too. Many of the machines that make our mail get to us faster actually can cause heartbreak to those who enjoy the mail that they get sent. Lets just slow down a tad. Thanks.


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