Monday, November 19, 2012

Christmas Giveaway

Yes, Christmas is here and Congratulations Jamie Lynn, for entering the contest for the fall. I decided to give another contest for December and since this is the time of giving; It will be a nice big gift.
HOW to ENTER: Please follow my blog, leave me a note below and follow me on Facebook. Once you have completed those three things you will be entered in to win a special Christmas Basket. Yes, a Basket. It will have some amazing goodies in it so you will not want to miss out. All are welcome to join in and hopefully you can win. Thank you all for helping me with my online shop, or just following me in my random thoughts and tidbits.

The contest ends December 19th, 2012 , so that you will hopefully get this basket before Christmas.
What do you have planned for this Christmas season?


Teka Marie Chaya said...

I am working on so many things and little parties, But I love just spending time with family and friends!

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