Monday, November 14, 2011

Bee Aware

     Well we had a few minor set backs and whole lot of fun with our bees but the endeavor ended quickly. I have posted the most amazing pictures and of course our last adventure with our bees. My husband was told that if we kept the bees it may end his life. We were very distraught over this but the bees went to a family farm and are happy. We soo enjoyed the bees though. You see the bees actually have been a hobby of my grandfather since he was a young boy, catching his own wild swarm at a very young age. So when my husband decided to become a bee charmer it was just something special. My grandfather was very willing to show him the ins and the outs of bee keeping from his fearless approach to the best way to remove stingers. Bees are such a unique creature. They make their own liquid gold. Enjoy the photos, but bee careful. Bees while honey bees can be the more docile of the bee family, there are many types of bees that are not.

Using a hot knife this is releasing the capped ends  for the honey to be able to spin out.

 The Spinner, you place the above frames that have been opened and spin the top which will make the honey drain.
Just keep spinning!

 This is a job that makes teamwork helpful!
Grandpa is cutting the comb, while David spins out the honey.

The valve at the bottom drains honey into a strainer and cloth for a more purified honey.


 The bees are just hanging out too hot inside. This was right before they went to their new home


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