Friday, May 20, 2011

Crafty Space

Top shelf storage

labeled storage
paper and inks, great to have
a space for them.

Plastic drawer system
 Every Craftier/Artist needs a space, whether it is just a place to put the items you use to create, or a room; it still is a space. My area is shared because this is also our laundry room. The space is also a walkway into our office, so it needs to stay organized for the most part. This is what my craft room should stay looking like, but most of the time my desk is overloaded with pulled out items and started projects. Never the less, this special blog on  Crafty Spaces helped give me with a reason to actually put everything away. As you can see Ikea is great at  simplifying and, with it being helpful and storage savvy, it looks amazing. I love lots of color for my craft room. It makes it easier to work on projects and be that my colors are very bright and vivid, it is fun to craft. 
A cool storage tier my
(scrubby) gave me.
-scrapbook hubby-
     Make sure to label all boxes and storage containers, it can be a pain if not labeled or maybe some detailed info, I know. If you can see under my desk I have a plastic box that I hold all of my 12x12 paper in, I then use cardboard and labels to separate into themes.( Very Helpful) 
I also use my Tool turn a bout from Pampered Chef, as a great tool holder on my desk. Having little jars and plastic containers can be a pain but if you can label and stack or organize they are a lifesaver. Another big thing I use are rubber-maid plastic containers with drawers, these help with separating my ideas and styles of projects. I use drawers for stickers, stamps, my sewing items, and so on. I also would be lost without my dry erase board and calendar that are easily accessible. I love my space, I only wish I could keep it this clean all the time.Every Crafty needs a space and even if it is in a drawer or closet or room, organized only helps encourage the arts to flow more freely.
Paper holder on wheels,
easily slides under desk
Desk storage

What does your crafty space look like, maybe a suggestion to improve my crafty space? Let me know, leave a comment. 


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I love your craft space and all your goodies!

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